Book Printing: Spiral/Coil – Wire-O – Perfect Bound

When it comes to binding books, there are several different techniques that you can use. Our experienced team is here to support you in all your book printing and binding needs.

Spiral/Coil Binding

Spiral Binding and Coil Binding are interchangeable terms for the same bookbinding method. This popular method joins the pages and cover of a book using a durable plastic or metal coil shaped like a long spring. The coil is inserted and twisted through small holes or slots punched along the spinal edge of the book’s cover and pages.

The spiral coil holds the pages and covers yet still allows them to open freely. One of the primary user benefits of a spiral-bound book is that the pages can be opened a full 360 degrees. This allows an open book to fold back upon itself and yet remain flat, so it stays open for easy reference while taking up minimal room on a desk or table.

This feature makes spiral binding an excellent choice for reports, sales presentations, proposals, directories, cookbooks, instruction manuals, and maintenance guides.

Wire-O Binding

There are two main styles of wire binding – double loop wire binding and wire comb binding. When you choose wire binding, you can have wires designed in a variety of colors and lengths. Wire color and wire length both depend on what your needs for the project are.

Wire binding can come across as more professional than spiral binding. And when you select wire-o binding, you can also be sure that the book will lay flat. If you are looking to save money, wire binding, particularly wire-o binding, can be an excellent way to achieve great results.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a popular type of book binding you see on soft cover books, such as paperback books and magazines. The internal pages are printed on both sides of text weight paper, then gathered together (collated) into a book, one on top of the other, in numbered page order. The cardstock cover of the perfect-bound book is placed over and around the inside pages, attached along the binding edge by the application of a strong yet flexible PUR glue.

Our Service Promise

Our best-in-class printers and quality assurance team will make sure that you get superb quality, spectacular book printing and binding. All prints come with a “100% money refund if not satisfied” guarantee.

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mushky gansbourg
mushky gansbourg
November 3, 2022.
Great service. Printed beautiful bat mitzva invitations. Delivered in a timely manner
Chaya Samet
Chaya Samet
September 30, 2022.
Chabad of Cheviot Hills
Chabad of Cheviot Hills
September 12, 2022.
BH thank you for your amazing prompt and professional service!
Yisroel Gordon
Yisroel Gordon
August 16, 2022.
Very happy with Sprinting. Great pricing, quick service.
Nechama Eilfort
Nechama Eilfort
August 10, 2022.
Beautiful work. Fast and friendly.
Gian Paredes
Gian Paredes
July 26, 2022.
Sprinting is by far the best printing service in Long Beach! They offer great pricing, fast lead times and great customer service. They have great quality paper and really helped us create the best catalogs possible. We will be sure to have all our future projects printed with Sprinting!
Maria Luquin
Maria Luquin
July 20, 2022.
I went in to ask if I could print out two documents & Isaiah was very helpful. He greeted me and gave me the email address to sent my documents to. I’ll definitely be going back if needed and now know I can print much more with them too! They have a small entrance. The door wasn’t open at the time I went but it was unlocked. It’s too hot to have it open lol. This is a picture of the entrance!
Francine Pule
Francine Pule
July 20, 2022.
The workers are nice and get the job done fast, this is my #1 go to place for whenever i need things printed
Ari Greene
Ari Greene
July 5, 2022.

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